Youth losing morality following modern trends

A recent party of youth in which group of teen age people were found involved having open sex and recording it with cameras to upload on internet. This institute name was made remove from the internet after spending too much money on the removal of video from the internet but the institute that came in the news once as an institute providing bad environment it became notorious for long period of time unless a new image or positioning was made by the marketers.

Girls Watch this before going shopping malls by khabarnamcha

Immoral activities not only include temporary pleasures and escapes but also invitation to people to world of fantasy as recently a group of university fellows made an advertisement that was offering invitation for a complete and open alcohol usage environment but this was made cancelled with the help of police.

All the problems of youth require first step of counseling because many problems are when discussed become less complex. If the problems are discussed and identified at the very beginning then the complexity of it remains very less and problem is solved easily therefore growing up children are advised to discuss their every problem with their parents and doctor or counselor.

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