Youth inclined towards black magic acts

Immoral activities of youth also involve using the name of religion and saying good bye to the responsibilities. Many people instead of searching the truth and seeking the guidance it look for the patterns or lifestyles it feels comfortable with. Many people are found saying that alcohol is good for health.

Benefits of alcohol are found reported by the youth, and they use it to release their tension. Recent news in the local newspaper simply shocked everyone that a couple was found drinking alcohol and doing illegal activities openly in an educational institute.

Such news have now become quite common and people are found reporting that couples do such activities despite of knowing that this is wrong and doing so will result in bad consequences but still they are found using drugs, and developing dates and party culture. One to one counseling to the individuals may result in some positivity. Positivity always brings something good in actions and good actions with good intentions is all what is needed by the society and by the motherland earth.

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