Youth Got Engaged In Watching Unethical Videos

Nowadays young generation is diverting from their path. They all are forgetting their moral and social values. As we are the followers of the pious religion Islam and we are bound to obey and follow the implied and express duties which are imposed on us.

In our society young generation accessing unethical and immoral websites as fun and time pass. As we are Muslim and there is option of marriage is available for both male and female. Parents are not giving emphasis on this and as a result our moral values going worst day by day.

In Islam there are obligations and restrictions which one has to follow. As Muslim, we have strong faith and belief that Allah is the creator and sovereign of this universe and we have to stand accountable for the misdeeds and sins done in our life.

Religious scholar also shared his views regarding this worst situation. Youth is going day by day on the path of destruction and no one is guiding them that they are spoiling their lives. If someone guide them that the deed which you are doing is not appropriate and will take you towards the wrong path, then he or she will react in a bad manner.

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The rate of watching these videos are increasing day by day and this situation is damaging our image and society. After every few minutes these types of movies are being watched by our youth and also downloaded for future reference also.

In every second twenty eight thousand and two hundred and fifty eight users are engaged on internet just for this purpose. Few years back this was on peak when Pakistan was rated on top that Pakistan is on top of the list while watching videos and clips.

The role of our social circle that is our friends, family, relatives and others are also very important in this situation because if one fish is dirty then the other fish of the pod also get affected just because of that fish.

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