What will happen afterlife

Life and afterlife are topics that remain under discussion by the believers of the religious scriptures. Life of this world when is found offering sorrows and grieves then it is hardly liked by the people, many people complaint that in this life we have suffered too much that we wish death sometimes.

Grave by rehanalichohan1981

Afterlife is seen by no one and therefore people find it difficult to stay patience at the sufferings of this life, the rewards and all that benefits in the hereafter is unseen, untouched, and un tasted therefore people want everything in this life as soon as possible.

The patience becomes very difficult for them because afterlife is unseen. Many people say that we want everything in this life and afterlife is not there because once a person dies there remains nothing out of him, time eats up everything even its body parts so afterlife is a deception and life of this world is true and only life.

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