Traggic incident at wedding day

Life of this world can end at anytime. Any day of your life can be your last day and this statement will be true one day. Life of this world do holds some interesting and charming realities but all such realities of life do not last forever. Creator of this life describes the only purpose of life as to get closer to the creator and term this life as nothing compare to afterlife in Quran.

groom at wedding by khabarnamcha

All the sufferings of this life, troubles of life, whatever man face tough in this life if he undergoes through it with patience he manages to pass through this life safe and sound. Creator of this life do tell that you may ask from me regarding the blessings in this life but do remember that for every blessing there is an accountability regarding the use of blessing.

Whatever man possess, whatever he claims to be his own is basically borrowed from the creator. Has man created life out of his own pocket? No man is created, the soul in the human body once leave the body life ceases. Heart and mind when stop working, life ceases to exist and death is there.

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