This will be the strangest footage you ever watched

Strange things are or strange creatures simply can be seen because scientists say that human being shares planet earth with more than 8 billion creatures; strange things are hardly seen with naked eye but many people claim that we do see things which people near us do not see. Ghosts and all such fairy tales sometimes termed as strange creatures. Internet hold pictures of such creatures that are mixture of animals and human beings in body.

Big Punishment By Teacher to his Students by khabarnamcha

Strange creatures so many times are seen on the roads of European countries, internet released pictures in which ghosts came across a person driving bike. Many strange events were observed in the Middle East where people claim that they many time feel existence of someone around them, disturbing them. There things are found to be said misplaced frequently.

Strange creatures include the aliens and other creatures also those which human beings imagine; some strange creatures never exist and are just imaginations of people normally in the routine life like some people say that we see men made up of fire. These strange creatures do not exist in reality but are seen by the people in state of neurosis and psychosis.

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