Their death became a joke

Drugs dates and party culture in youngsters is not only the problem of any societal class rather anyone can fell to this trap by simply finding no way out in front of them. Going in one more round when a person thinks that his efforts will no longer bring any results is the approach to move forward.

Prank goes wrong by khabarnamcha

When a person is found having belief that he will not be able to do certain job, then it become difficult for him to move even a single step ahead. People who simply find no hope and due to this they stop making any efforts and follow the wrong thought that nothing can change the destiny or what is written in the fate only that will happen.

Drugs dates and party culture can be stopped by making special task forces that consist of specialists, well trained and professionals to help those who lose hope, and stop doing anything and see dead ends in front of them. There are many people who are found saying that there come dark circles in front of us whenever we try to get up from our bed because we have feelings that time is not enough and our responsibilities are still to be fulfilled.

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