Strange incident happened in graveyard

The strange creatures news are sometimes false to gain monetary benefits as people who sell the newspapers or magazines say that we sell the news according to our target market, whatever is in demand we supply it either with true news or false news. Such newspapers sellers sell the fake news of strange creatures.

incident of grave shocks nation by khabarnamcha

Biological disorders or destruction of genes cause such existence of strange creatures as among the animals like lions and all that are found on earth, some animals are of strange structure as lions with two face, cat with three tales, chicken with four legs, cows with six legs.

Every living and non living thing which exist in this world is too much wondrous in nature that human being who looks at these things once are bound to say that all these created things have creator who is very much intelligent. Even non believers are say that every created thing around us that live on this planet is made with the use of proper formulas in their designs either the creature is strange or normal.

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