Soul leaves body recorded on special cam

Life of this world is volatile in nature. Man comes in this life only once without his own will and leave this life without his will. This entrance and exit of life of this world force man to think or ponder over one basic question. Why I am created and for what basic purpose I am on this earth.

Islam , soul & body by khabarnamcha

People suffer in this life, many people are found complaining that we work so hard all the time to get whatever we want but the moment we reach near our goals we lose our focus, we lose life and we lose everything. Life of this world is hardly valued by people because they undergo many tensions and tests during life. Many people suffer accidents or lose their loved ones.

People who reach the age forty to sixty years become irritating and sometimes disturb others. They are found saying that we did so much for our loved ones, we helped them so much on their way up in the life but in return they kicked us off and gave us nothing in this life as a return but rather made us upset and depressed.

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