Scientists claim to make dead alive

Strange creatures when are observed not actually seen in the routine life rather are seen when people are in state of continuous concentration of their mind that is why it is said that people name the imagination of their mind as the witness of strange creatures. These strange creatures news are sometimes false to gain monetary benefits. Many newspapers sell the fake news.

Science nay Murdoon ko bhi zinda karna start… by khabarnamcha

Strange creatures also include those creatures which are sometimes seen as a biological disorders or change in heredity of normal species. Like crocodiles with two tales, lions with three eyes and horses with six legs are some examples of strange creatures.

Either believer or non believer both are bound to say that all that exist in this world is wonder of nature and amazingly created. All the living things are properly designed. Even non believers are found saying that every created thing around us that live on this planet is made with the use of proper formulas.

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