Response Of Imran Khan To Gharida Farooqi

Gharida Farooqi from Express News Channel took appointment from Chairman of Pakistan Tehreek Insaf Imran Khan to conduct a discussion and know the philosophy of Imran khan commonly known as Khan Sb.

Gharida Farooqi was asking questions from Imran Khan and he was answering all the questions with patience and politeness. But when she was smashed back by and outstanding answer of Imran Khan then she became answer-less and she possesses no words to speak as an answer.

Imran Khan nowadays again came into the streets of Pakistan and conducting protest and gatherings in different areas of Pakistan. He is doing all this just to educate people that what your Prime Minister is doing and by which ways he is investing our national wealth into other countries by his own name.

Recently Panama leaks played an important role in order to show the public the true picture of the ruling party’s chairman and his family that how they generated wealth and where they invested this money in which from.

Now the followers of Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz are not ready to admit this fact that their leader is doing corruption and taking Pakistan’s national wealth to other countries of the world from his own name.

Imran Khan further added that the beauty is democracy is that everyone is free to talk and analyze the government’s performance with proper tools and techniques.

MNA’s from PMLN are just defending and placing baseless facts to answer the queries infront of public and media. They are guided to give statement against Imran Khan and penalize his personal life so that no one can talk on the highlighted issue.

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