Real Face of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif

When he was promoted at his seat in Bahawal Nagar as DPO, he takes the charge of DPO. MNA of that area along with his companions and guards was not normal due to some liquid, they insulted the policeman who was standing at the check post.

The companions of MNA beat the police workers and also tear their uniform because they all were not normal. When this news came into the notice of respective DSP, he said that close this chapter and we are not going to take any action against the alleged companions of MNA who beat the workers of Punjab Police.

When this news highlighted and known by Shariq Kamal, he placed orders to arrest all those people and guards of MNA who was involved in this incident . Further FIR also reported in police station against all of them who beat public servants.

A Brave Officer Who Refused To Give Interview… by aliyaali123456

All those guards and companions of MNA Alamdar Lalika were hidden in his form house against which police reported FIR and crime case. Shariq kamal send police to arrest all that criminals from the farm house of MNA.

When all of them get arrested, request was placed in the court of Chief Minister of Punjab Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif, and then he formed committee for investigation that what’s going wrong.

The person when came back, who was send for investigation for this matter , gave statement that all the police force is guilty in that scenario and respected MNA is plaintiff.

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