Rating of Pakistan In Watching Worst VIdeos

Likewise bad people are also among those ones who are spoiling people’s life by guiding them the way to enjoy and watch such type of videos. We have to be aware and have to fulfill our commitment and obey our rules as Muslim.

In Islam female is totally independent in Nikah that she can choose any one as her life partner. Through this she also avoids sins and misdeeds and reverts back to the track of noble deeds.

In this situation the role of PTA Pakistan Telecommunication Authority is on the most that the websites which are accessible from Pakistan also get blocked so that no one can access those websites and image of Pakistan not damaged or spoiled.

Watching P-O-R-N :- Parents Must Watch This… by aman57

Some preventive action also been taken in order to stop the accessibility of these websites so our youth should get rid from this bad habit and misdeed and malpractice.

As a national and resident of Pakistan, this is implied duty on us that we should spread the true facts to the youth that by avoiding this we can make this society and country beautiful. Resultantly we also delete our name from those countries that are on the top to watch these videos. May Allah strengthen us to follow the true instructions of Islam.

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