Rare wildlife footage goes viral

Sensitive people do not watch such videos, or simply many people in the society protest against such videos telecast of wildlife and complain that our children become quite scared after watching such animal fights while searching for cartoons on the television. Anxiety attacks are very common among children.

Lion Takes Revenge On Trophy Hunter by khabarnamcha

Violation of animal rights, spreading the terror or simply telecasting the videos that disturb the health of many people are such allegations that people in this business face by the society while telecasting all the fight videos, animals also when sense that their videos are being recorded especially the sex life they show aggressive attitudes.

Nature of this source of income makes this business not only controversial but also a taboo. The loss of human life is also witnessed in this animal fight and wildlife because many people have lost their life while recording the videos of animal fight or sex life of animals, aggressive attacks by the animals are recorded on the human beings in the cameras.

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