Punjabi auntie fights with British

Miracles of Allah and Islam is never ending discussion as believer of Quran say that if all the trees that are present on this earth if become pen and all the ocean that are present on this earth if become ink and start writing about the miracles of Allah and Islam then this topic will never end.

Lahori Aunty Fight In London PG18+ by aman57

Miracles of Allah are observed by those who use their head and ponder over the created things in this world, sun, stars, moon, trees and mountains are all considered by the believers as the miracles of God when believers look at them they are reminded of the creator but reader of the Quran say that we find our solutions of problems in this book.

Miracles of Allah and Islam also include offering the solution to ward off evil both at individual level and also the evil in the society, the punishments for the criminals in Islam are so perfect that if they are implemented then all the evil will be eradicated from the face of the earth.

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