Private scool footage got leaked

The strange creature’s videos and news include the news of flying animals or simply birds walking all the time despite of having the capabilities to fly. Strange creature videos include the videos of animals like bears, giraffe, and chimpanzee with flying skills. Some people hold opinion that these videos are fake and are for the monetary benefits.

What is the Teacher doing by khabarnamcha
Changes or destructions in genes sometime cause existence of strange creatures among the routine animals like whatever people claim regarding their witness to strange creatures; some animals are seen strange structure as discussed earlier as bears, giraffe and chimpanzee with flying skills.

Existence of such strange creatures, or simply all these strange creatures have become more of monetary benefits or sources of income as compare to the capabilities of pondering over the nature. People just for the sake of generating hype or simply for greed and monetary purpose sell the news of strange creatures

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