Parents must stop their kids from watching wrestling

Parents weep regarding the children misbehavior or rebellious attitudes when parents found reporting that our children throw things at us, we try too much to make our children happy and to give our best to the children but in return they tease us, they beat us and show no mercy to us.

Wrestling match by khabarnamcha

The causes or reasons of such misbehaviors include the unguided or simply the lack of attention given to children. Sometimes parents are not aware of what troubles or difficulties their children are undergoing. Threats from the criminals in the society sometime make children quite under pressure that they become unable to express their feelings in front of their parents and just react in rebellious attitude.

Most common immoral rebellious attitudes among youth include their drug usage, dates with opposite sex, parties late night, stealing for thrill, robbing, and sex on the internet and at hidden places by following the desires blindly, all this happen because children are exposed to bad environment which misguide them.

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