Man fights with giant anaconda

Videos that became viral on the social media include fights between different animals but the most watched videos are the videos of chimpanzee and bear fight, lion attacking the zebras. Lion attacking the zebra videos hold a long variety but the video that became most watched in this category was in which the zebra escaped the attack.

Anaconda attack man by khabarnamcha

Chimpanzee fight became popular because of its funny nature, three chimpanzees were fighting with each other because one out of three chimpanzees did not get the banana and it attacked the others and fight started did not stop at all and video became interesting as one out of three chimpanzees was killed in the fight.

People related to this business are selling videos that hold fights between the animals under the ocean as well, Fight between the tigers, fight between the chimpanzees, and fight between the bears have now become old but still is in demand. All wildlife fights are also easily available on the internet and TV channels also are telecasting these videos, in newspaper the pictures of wildlife gets more importance.

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