Man comes back to life just before funeral

Life hereafter is the faith of people because injustice in this world must be equalizing by the life hereafter and this life cannot be justified without the concept of life after this world. Believers of hereafter believe that afterlife is never ending life so we try to do good deeds, offer prayers, spend money in charity, and try to open institutes that help needy people.

Dead man Alive before Funeral in Sialkot by khabarnamcha

People build mosque and support causes to promote peace and good deeds, some people are found saying that we do not believe in the afterlife because it is unseen and we only believe in what we see. All welfare tasks help needy people and also help those who do these good deeds as they get peace in this life by doing such good deeds.

Life hereafter is seen by no one, those who leave this life or die never come back to tell what happened with them. People come in this world only once and every moment of their life is being recorded by the unseen angels, this is what Muslims believe but there also exist group of people which say a person come in this world seven times in different forms depending upon the deeds he is given life of animals or human beings with defective body parts.

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