Magic trick goes wrong

Miracles of Allah and Islam is a topic that requires never ending enlisting for those who believe but for those who do not believe in the Allah are found saying that there is no God, all the universe came into existence just by chance after a big explosion called big bang.

Hawaii Reality Show by khabarnamcha

Miracles of Allah are simply for those who use their head to ponder over the creations around them, sun, star, moon, trees and mountains are all signs of God but those who read the Quran, the book or simply the words of Allah are found saying that we find every solution of our problem in the Quran.

Islam provide a solution to ward off evil both individual evil and also the evil in the society, the punishment to chop off the hand of the thief seem cruel but the result of punishment is quite good because when hand of one person is chopped off the other thieves will stop robbing and stealing.

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