London: Air hostess arrested for smuggling Gold

Man is created in such a way that after doing bad deeds it find itself in a guilt feeling or it feel quite bad because eventually loss to mental and physical health is incurred after every immoral activity which leaves a sad feeling behind, there do exist such people who say that we do bad deeds and enjoy life maximum because it can end at anytime.

PIA Air Hostess Caught In London by khabarnamcha

Such people due to continuous immoral activities develop defects in not only their bodies rather in their off springs. Life of both the world is put to stake by such people, early youth time when is lived badly or simply blindly by following the inner desires it leads to darkness because believers of afterlife do not live this life blindly.

Another major immoral issue which is intermingling of sexes in educational institutes which force youth to talk to opposite sex and this first step lead youth to fell into trap of illegal sexual intercourse or oral sex either through the internet or on physical grounds. In many educational institutes opposite sexes can be seen kissing, hugging and touching each other with sexual instincts. Many such cases are recorded in the cameras placed in educational institutes.

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