Jinnah was fearless and chosen man of God

Miracles of Allah and Islam are the topic that does not require any long research time. A believer in Quran say that if all the trees present on this earth if become pen and all the ocean on this earth if become ink and the discussion of miracles of Allah and Islam is started it will never end but the trees and oceans will end.

M. Ali Jinnah to M. Gandhi by khabarnamcha

Miracles of Allah are observed by the people who use their mind and ponder over the creations in this world, sun, stars, moon, trees and mountains are all considered by the believers as the miracles of God but there also exist some wrong concepts among believers when they call sun, star, moon and signs of God as presence of God in them.

Some people say that God is present in them; the existence of soul is termed by them as an existence of God in them which is not true. Miracles of Allah and Islam can be best understood by reading understanding and implementing the instructions given in the Quran.

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