ISIS brutality is not Islam

A person who comes across questions in life regarding why I am created and why I am facing troubles in life simply gets answers by reading the Quran. The book Quran speaks that the creator of everything was a hidden treasure and he wanted that I must be known so he created everything especially human beings.

Islamic State video shows Turkish soldiers by khabarnamcha

Human being is the creation which is provided with choice either to reject or accept God after thinking, pondering and looking at the amazing creations around him. Human beings are provided with the intellect and the book Quran which say that the topic of this book is Human beings.

All the human beings who read Quran, find themselves in ease because every thought that generates complexity in their life is answered so perfectly that complexity is removed and human beings feel relax after reading the Quran in the language they understand best. This is the basic or best miracle of Allah and Islam which is the solutions of the problem of humanity both on individual and large scale but reading the book is compulsory.

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