Imran Khan’s Tremendous Speech At Bannu

Both the founders/leaders invested money and their talent on people of their country. They introduced realistic plans and on the basis of which they achieved milestone in development and made their name among the nations of world.

Further he said that if leader of a nation is corrupt then he made all the departments/sector of the state corrupt. Likewise Nawaz Sharif is also one of these. He is not telling his nation that from where he and his family earned the money.

Panama leaks also revealed their names that he and his family invested in off-shore companies. But they are not considering this fact and denied from this news that they haven’t any property abroad.

Now opposition is also against the ruling party and they are also demanding the explanation from prime Minister. Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif came to government just to earn wealth and expand his business all over the world.

Now time has come that Prime Minster has to answer the entire question which came into the minds of general public. He asked many questions from the participants of the gathering that wither KPK have been changed from last three years or not? All the participants answered in a positive way. Nawaz Sharif builds up twenty eight factories from a single factory. How he earn this too much wealth.

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