Imran Khan’s Press Conference

As now the Pakistanis who are aboard feel them as unsecured because the consulate is not playing its role to accommodate the nationals of Pakistan who are residing abroad.

Imran Khan even though after joining politics, didn’t want to forget his memorable life which he spent and passed with cricket. He also today memorizes all the memories which were related to his past.

When Imran Khan was the part of cricket, he showed his dedication for team and holds the team as one. Due to captaincy of Imran Khan won the world cup of International Cricket Board 1992 and convey a clear cut message to the world that we have the spirit.

And the nation knows that now from how many ways corruption is being done and not even a single person is giving concentration to cricket that this up to some extent is our national game and we are losing our position day by day.

Imran Khan is not the part of cricket but due to his statements about cricket, he is also in to cricket. Other political parties don’t want to see Imran Khan as upcoming politician. They all are united against Imran Khan and don’t want to lose any single moment y which he can put down Imran Khan in the eyes of the general public.

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