Imran Khan’s Courage To Face English People

Imran Khan when he was in United Kingdom conducting a press conference to answer the questions of journalists. Imran khan is a legend and he didn’t care about the people that what people said. He has strong faith in Allah that respect is in the hands of Allah,

In UK, he while he was presenting himself for answering question session, he said that there is a chance to throw a shoe on me as I was guided by the security officials of this hall. Further he added that I asked the security officials that there is no need to push people away from me.

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As I am a smart player so I know how to catch a ball. Audience sitting in the hall passed a huge laughter due to this comment of Imran Khan. But when he said that beware that I am also a well bowler and thrower as well. People and journalist sitting in the hall enjoyed this moment.

Imran Khan nowadays becomes the heartbeat of the people of Pakistan irrelevant of the fact that they are residing in Pakistan or abroad. They all want to see a change in the politics of Pakistan.

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