Imran Khan Response To Nawaz Sharif At Bannu

Today Imran Khan made his historical speech at Bannu while addressing the people of Bannu. As earlier the former Chief Minister Durrani and Founder of JUI-F Moulana Fazlur-Rehman put many alleged allegations against Founder and Chairman of Pakistan Tehreek Insaf Imran Khan. He came few days back after performing Umrah from Saudi Arabia.

Few days back when Prime Minister and chairman of Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz Main Muhammad Nawaz Sharif came here with the support of former Chief Minister Durrani and Founder of JUI-F Moulana Fazlur-Rehman. They all are united against Imran khan as they all know that Imran Khan is only the sole person who can defeat them as a upcoming party in the politics of Pakistan.

Now they are totally out of senses and building false image in the eyes and minds of general public by delivering false and baseless allegations against Imran Khan and the whole party. All MNA’s belongs to the ruling party i.e. Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz now in the field and all become spokesperson of their party as they all are asked to do that to speak against Imran Khan.

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The aim of all the members of ruling party is to spread hatred in the mind of people of Pakistan. Resultant they will be successful in their aim by putting Imran Khan down among general public. But they don’t know that Imran Khan is the one who is enough for all these devils who are working against the interest of Pakistan.

Today while addressing the people of Bannu, he said that when I was young and teenager I saw that Pakistan was the tiger of Asia and day by day we were on the development side. Our all social sectors which includes Medical, educational, services and also other sectors or departments which play role in to uplift the economy of the country was on top among all the countries of Asia.

Imran Khan added that few decades back Singapore was nothing but they got a true and patriotic leader and now Singapore is a role model for the world. Malaysia was also nothing but they got leader named Mahathir Mohamad. They are also a developed nation among world.

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