God shows miracle by giving eyesight back to blind man

Miracles of Islam and Allah also include all the verses of Quran which tell truth regarding the creation of everything. Many scientists in west and physicians are saying that we are looking for theory of everything, a theory which explains everything that what was there before the creation of time.

OLD BLIND MAN GETS HIS SIGHT BACK on The… by khabarnamcha

Miracles are not only bound to the facts told in the Quran rather Islamic miracles also include the existence of stars, moon, and sun, mountains, trees, and sky standing above without pillars. All the creations that also include the sun set and sun rise are considered as signs or miracles of God.

Every thinker who ponder over the creations around him simply find everything miraculously created and finds no error in it, the creator of the heaven speaks in the book that look above the sky, do you find any error or any mistake or any imperfection in it, no you cannot find because it is created by the one who is perfect.

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