Girls fight over boyfriend in private university

Youngsters when see this life as full of problems, they do not find it worth living. The world is old but the newness in it never ends as every single human being keeps on looking for new things around him. The life keeps on offering individual different situations which make him perceive life as either curse or blessing.

Punjab university cat fight by khabarnamcha

There are only two kinds of people in this life, the one who move from darkness to light and the other that moves from light to darkness. The one who move from darkness to light is mercy on this earth and for all the people associated with him and the one who move away from light and towards darkness is curse for the creatures.

Newspapers though print many news in which second category of people is discussed mostly. These people are found disturbing other people associated with them and come in the criminal news. Drugs dates and party culture in such people is very common and is never appreciated.

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