Girl hangs herself on live cam

Drugs dates and party culture in youngsters is not only the problem of any specific social group rather anyone can become drug addict by simply finding no way out or simply because of improper guidance. This improper guidance breaks hearts of youth who is energetic and wants to shine and rise.

Watched by Partner via Webcam, Woman Commits… by khabarnamcha

When someone make his mind regarding a task that doing a certain job does not belong to his capabilities it become more difficult for him to move even a single step. People in depression are found saying that our condition will not change and we will keep on suffering and using drugs is the only escape.

Drugs dates and party culture is eradicated by starting programs or making special institutes that consist of only committed specialists and professionals who help despair people, and tell them that after every hardship there is an ease. Such people are taken in confidence by making them believe that change is the only constant in this world, so there condition will also never remain same and good days will come.

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