Gharida Farooqi Got Insulted by Imran Khan

When Gharida Farooqi spoke out these words that Khan Sb kindly let (Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif) him complete his tenure. Then as a response Imran Khan got angry and replied to anchor female representative of Express News Gharida Farooqi that you are not doing this show for public awareness.

You are just doing this show to bury the issues. Further Imran Khan added that in democracy, the leader or head of state should make accountable for his misdeeds and malpractices. As in most of the countries in reaction of Panama leaks, people come out on the streets and some heads of state also resigned from their posts.

But in our country your Prime Minister is saying that opposition has no right to make accountable me for Panama Leaks. This is democracy?? This is accountability?? You should guide and communicate it to the general public that raises your voice against corruption and misdeeds of Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif and his family.

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No one from Pakistan is educated in order to deliver short speech in front of general public. They are robots and they are not able to speak without piece of paper. And when they deliver speech in gatherings then their height of confidence is admirable. But that was a false picture of these politicians as they are not able to speak even they don’t know the values and facts of Pakistan.

When Gharida Farooqi saw and felt that there is no space to get out from this insult, she interrupted Imran Khan that this is time for short break. But Imran Khan didn’t put ears on her words and he completed his wording and point of view against her wordings which she gave earlier that Khan Sb. you also said that next turn will be ours after Nawaz Sharif.

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