Distance from religion causes immorality

Youngsters are hardly seen satisfied with life, youth is always found rebellious in nature. Youth though is liked by many people because it is the generation that can be expected to do something. That is expected to shine and rise or achieve the targets. Mankind is blessed with the power to achieve his goals.

Jaali peer with 300 women by khabarnamcha
There are only two kinds of people in this life, the one who move from failures to success and the other that moves from success to failures. The one who move from failures to success are those who never stop fighting and are examples for other human beings whereas those who move away from success and towards failures are not rejected by society unless they stop making efforts.

Newspapers and magazines though discuss all these people who fell prey to failures. These people not only are disturbed rather they also disturb people associated with them. Usage of drugs and dates disappoint others and developed party culture is also seen as party with opposite sex.

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