Dead comes back to life by will of God

Many people who believe that only this life is the real life and when it ceases and death is there then everything ends along it, such people suffer problems like severe depressions as they find themselves helpless. Those who consider this life as the only life also suffer many traumas.

'Dead' woman comes back to life in Karachi by khabarnamcha

All the problems related to this life in which both bodily and mind related problems are there, majority occur due to stress and unfulfilled desires. People are found saying that we when find that our desires will not be fulfilled and we cannot achieve our goals in this life then we want to kill ourselves.

Many suicides are the logical outcome of the belief that you live only once rather believers have the belief that we die only once and then again we will be resurrected as accountable to the one who gave us this life. All the blessings that one holds in this life, he will have to give answers that how he used the blessings.

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