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Two Young Boys Wedding One Another

Televisions, Internet and print media all provide special channels for the telecast of the wildlife and animal fight. People are found taking interest in all kinds of animal fight from small to giant animals. The more the advertising is done the more the need is generated among the people. When people are found involved in watching animal fights, they are […]

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Another Public Execution in Saudi Arabia Increase Sadness

Youth when find world as competitive and showing less mercy to their relaxation it becomes rebellious. When students find no mercy from their teachers and parents, strictness is done to them in each regard then they are found doing immoral activities. Immoral activities include many major crimes. Immorality according to law institutes is increasing, statistical records of crime reports tell […]

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Imran Khan

Imran Khan’s Courage To Face English People

Imran Khan when he was in United Kingdom conducting a press conference to answer the questions of journalists. Imran khan is a legend and he didn’t care about the people that what people said. He has strong faith in Allah that respect is in the hands of Allah, In UK, he while he was presenting himself for answering question session, […]

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Imran Khan’s Press Conference

As now the Pakistanis who are aboard feel them as unsecured because the consulate is not playing its role to accommodate the nationals of Pakistan who are residing abroad. Imran Khan even though after joining politics, didn’t want to forget his memorable life which he spent and passed with cricket. He also today memorizes all the memories which were related […]

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