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Dance of Arabic Girls At Home

The government of that Islamic state refused to enter those refugees to their country. But these words has been mentioned and written in history books that Germany played a very important role when he grants permission for refugees to enter into its land. And this was an example of human rights that they gave them protection and shelter and let […]

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Comparison of Sanaullah Statement Against Imran Khan & Her Daughter

Rana Sanaullah is the law Minister of Punjab and earlier he was dismissed due to misuse of his powers while Pakistan Awami Tehreek was protesting at Model Town Lahore for their demands. That Protest was a peaceful protest and the participants of the protest includes male and female. All of them was demanding their basic rights and also for their […]

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Dance Performance of Rana Sanaullah’ Daughter

When Reema asked her a question that from which source you got motivation in your life? She replied that I was appreciated and groomed because of my father. He supported me a lot in my life and in every step and stage of life. Reema further asked that kindly share the example of such a nice moment. Then daughter of […]

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Imran Khan

Tremendous Speech Of Imran Khan In Swat

Imran Khan Today address to the people of Pakistan in Swat. He say thanks to the participants of the gathering and thanked him all as they come in the protest against government. Participants raised slogans of Go Nawaz Go and Diesel due to which Imran Khan stopped his speech and started smiling. Then he said to the participants that what […]

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Imran Khan’s Speech At Swat

Imran Khan Put emphasize on education. He said that without education a nation is nothing. Imran Khan quoted the example of Germany that after world war, government of Germany started building motorways in the country and as a result people got employment due to this project. But this initiative was taken by the government because the people of Germany were […]

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ARY News anchors starts her new career

Naveen Jan a known face of ARY news have changed her line of profession. She has started the professional modeling and is very successful. It is very difficult to shift the field and especially when you are doing a very sober and decent project like reading the news from there to the world of glamour needs a real talent. There […]

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Nawaz Sharif

Parody Made By TV Channel On Nawaz Sharif’s Speech

Yesterday when Prime Minister Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif was addressing the national Assembly he said that this is not about that how much we earn and gained. In fact we lose much in this country in many ways. While his address he said that Ittefaq foundries was in the custody of government and without paying even a singly penny to […]

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Incidents Took Place In Sharif Family’s Life

The whole story which Nawaz Sharif shared while addressing the session of National Assembly was not true. It was totally based on baseless facts that there property and other things which were in their possession snatched form themselves and after that they were not able to survive. Even after so many applications which we wrote in the name of Government […]

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Ijaz Shah

Secret Meeting of Asif Zardari With Religious Saint

Peer Ijaz Ali shah is religious scholar and saint for Zardari family. Ijaz Shah was on 24 channel giving exclusive interview about Asif Ali Zardari’s stay in Dubai that for what time period he will stay in Dubai and when he will come to Pakistan. Religious scholar Ijaz Shah said that I don’t know about his arrival to Pakistan but […]

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Prediction About Imran Khan’s Future

Ijaz Shah further revealed this fact that I spent five years with Zardari and his family; they are very kind hearted person and always tried to serve. Another question raised to ijaz Shah that what would you say about Nawaz Sharif? Ijaz shah replied in a humble way that I also prayed from his good fortune as my role is […]

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